Monday, December 17, 2007

The Iranian authorities continue to violate the human rights of the Turks in Iran
Dr. Sedigheh Adalati
Appeal to:

UNESCO Division for freedom of expression
Reporters without Borders
World press freedom committee
Pen Canada
Pen Germany

Dear Madame/Sir

The Iranian authorities continue to violate the human rights of the Turks in Iran. They are attempting to annihilate all the instruments for preserving and developing the cultural and historical heritage of them. This is part of their plan to uproot the Iranian Turks.

The UNESCO General Conference recognized in its 1991 resolution on "promotion of press, freedom in the world" that a free pluralistic and independent press is an essential component of any democratic society. Due to the crucial role of the press as an important instrument in disseminating knowledge and information about the cultural heritage, and based on the awareness of the fact that the freedom of expression is one of the fundamental human rights, recognized by international conventions, in 1993, the general assembly declared May 3 as world press freedom day. This is in accordance with article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights, which states that "everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through media, regardless of frontiers".

Given the importance that international organizations attribute to protecting the fundamental rights of freedom of expression, the present situation in Iran is intolerable:

The suppression of the political activists and journalists continues. There continues to be no freedom of the press in the country. Journalists live in constant fear. They are sentenced to death; many are imprisoned and tortured for exercising their duties.

In the last year, 80 % of the 120 Turkish journals have been prohibited to be published. The remaining ones are not active since they are in the danger of being closed and their journalists exist in conditions of fear.

One important monthly journal published in Turkish language, which has been closed two months ago by the regime, is /Dilmac/. This publication had played an important role in giving information and developing fuller awareness of linguistic, cultural and historical traditions. The importance of /Dilmac/ for unraveling events and developing a narrative sense of knowledge about the gender problems in Iran cannot be underestimated. I appeal to you to put pressure on Iranian authorities to respect the International Declarations of Human rights.

Dr. Sedigheh Adalati: to:




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